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Posted by: Jendor -- July 17, 2014


So lately I have started to go see movies on a weekly basis as there are a large number of movies coming out this summer that I want to see and some I wouldn't mind seeing at the right price. Since my favorite local theater has shows for $5 all day long on Tuesdays, I like the price and the atmosphere at the theater so its a win-win.

1) Earth to Echo
I talked with several people about this movie before I went and saw it and most people were like.. "I've already seen ET why do I need to go see it again." My initial thought in response was, well you know at least they gave it a new name, not like every other of the 50 million movie remakes that have been made recently.

So on to the movie itself... OK, yes, its essentially a remake of E.T.. But picture if you will, combining, Goonies, Super 8 and E.T. together into a single movie, with maybe a dash of Transformers thrown in; and then you have Earth to Echo.

Personally, I found it an enjoyable movie, maybe not necessarily worthy of seeing on the big screen at movie theater prices, but definitely worth the watch at home on DVD, Blu-Ray or Netflix. As for the premise for those who are not familiar.

Echo is a cute little owl-like alien robot life form who has crash landed on Earth. He sends out a signal that attracts some kids who are in the process of moving as the "government" has probably declared something like eminent domain and bought all their homes. As its their last weekend together they pickup some cameras and film themselves tracking down the signal and then helping the robot get home.

There, spoiler free synopsis.

2) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
So I was never really a fan of the original 1970s era Planet of the Apes movies, however so far I have enjoyed the new remakes. Rather than telling the story from the point of view of the humans dealing with the apes, now the stories are more about how the apes evolve and deal with the humans.

So this is a direct sequel to the 2011 Planet of the Apes movie. It start 10 years after the end of the previous movie where 90%+ of the human population has been killed off by the Simian Flu. The biggest problem that I had with the movie, was that the degradation of San Francisco and the amount of plant growth seemed a little excessive for only 10 years of time to have passed.

Aside from that, It was a great movie. The apes were very realistic seeming, I had read that they hired Cirque de Solei performers to play the parts of the other apes in this so that when they were doing the motion capture it would be more natural for the apes to be going through the trees. The story was very well written and for those who are a fan of the new franchise I think its definitely worth the theater prices although maybe not in 3D or IMAX. I again am trying not to give any spoilers, but I will end this with saying the are definitely setting up to do at least another sequel if not redoing the entire run of movies, with the exception of maybe Escape from.
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